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January 28 National Day

January 28 National Day Calendar 2023

January 28 National Day Calendar with a complete list of holidays on the day January 28th, 2023.

January 28 National Day

Top 20 Holidays on the 28th of January

National Daisy Day National Kazoo Day
National Lego Day Christa McAuliffe Day
Data Privacy Day Earned Income Tax Credit Awareness Day
Global Community Engagement Day International Reducing CO2 Emissions Day
José Martí’s Birthday Memorial Julian Felipe Day
Local Quilt Shop Day National Amy Day
National Blueberry Pancake Day National Pediatrician Day
National Seed Swap Day National Tina Day
Pop Art Day Rattlesnake Roundup Day
Thank a Plugin Developer Day Visit Your Local Quilt Shop Day


Historical Events on January 28th

  1. 1813 – Jane Austen’s “Pride and Prejudice” is first published.
  2. 1871 – Paris surrenders to the Prussians during the Franco-Prussian War.
  3. 1878 – The first telephone switchboard is installed in New Haven, Connecticut.
  4. 1890 – United Mine Workers of America is founded.
  5. 1908 – The first Boy Scout troop is organized in England.
  6. 1915 – The Rocky Mountain National Park is established in Colorado.
  7. 1917 – The U.S. Congress passes the 18th Amendment, which begins Prohibition.
  8. 1918 – The Soviet Red Army launches the offensive in the Battle of the Ice on Lake Ladoga.
  9. 1933 – Adolf Hitler becomes Chancellor of Germany.
  10. 1945 – The Soviet Union captures Budapest, Hungary during WWII.
  11. 1959 – The United States recognizes Fidel Castro’s government in Cuba.
  12. 1986 – The space shuttle Challenger explodes 73 seconds after launch.
  13. 1989 – The Kegworth air disaster occurs in Leicestershire, England.
  14. 1991 – Gulf War: Iraq launches SCUD missiles at Israel.
  15. 1995 – The Norwegian rocket incident: Russia almost launches a nuclear attack after it mistakes Black Brant XII, a Norwegian research rocket, for a US Trident missile.
  16. 1999 – The impeachment trial of US President Bill Clinton begins.
  17. 2011 – Egypt’s President Hosni Mubarak resigns after 18 days of protests.
  18. 2013 – The US Senate confirm John Kerry as the next US Secretary of State.
  19. 2014 – The Dow Jones Industrial Average closes above 17,000 for the first time.
  20. 2021 – India’s Mars Orbiter Mission successfully enters orbit around Mars.

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