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December Food Holidays

December is a month filled with delicious food holidays, giving us even more excuses to celebrate and enjoy our favorite dishes and treats. From sweet and indulgent desserts to savory and hearty main courses, there is something for everyone to enjoy in December.

One of the most popular food holidays in December is National Pie Day, which takes place on December 1st. This holiday is a chance to celebrate and enjoy all kinds of pie, from classic apple and pumpkin to more unusual flavors like pecan and chocolate. Whether you prefer your pie baked or frozen, savory or sweet, there is a pie for every taste and occasion.

Another tasty December holiday is National Brownie Day, which is celebrated on December 8th. Brownies are a classic dessert that is loved by people of all ages, and this holiday is a chance to indulge in this delicious and indulgent treat. Whether you prefer your brownies fudgy and gooey, or more cake-like and crumbly, there is a brownie recipe for every taste and preference.

National Gingerbread Day, celebrated on December 12th, is another popular food holiday in December. Gingerbread is a sweet and spicy baked good that is a beloved holiday treat in many countries around the world. Whether you prefer your gingerbread in the form of cookies, cakes, or houses, this holiday is a chance to enjoy this festive and flavorful treat.

If you prefer something a little more indulgent and warm, National Cocoa Day, celebrated on December 13th, is the perfect holiday for you. Cocoa is a rich and flavorful beverage made from ground cocoa beans, and it is a popular treat during the cold winter months. Whether you prefer your cocoa plain or flavored, hot or cold, there is a cocoa recipe for every taste and preference.

Calendar of National Holidays in December

National Fruit Cake Month
National Egg Nog Month
Cookie Cutter Week First Week
Lager Beer Week Second Week
National Egg Nog Week Fourth Week
National Pie Day December 1
National Fritters Day December 2
National Apple Pie Day December 3
National Cookie Day December 4
National Sacher Torte Day December 5
National Gazpacho Day December 6
Microwave Oven Day December 6
National Cotton Candy Day December 7
National Chocolate Brownie Day December 8
National Pastry Day December 9
National Lager Day December 10
National Noodle Ring Day December 11
National Gingerbread Day December 12
National Cocoa Day December 12
Ice Cream and Violins Day December 13
National Bouilabaisse Day December 14
National Cupcake Day December 15
National Chocolate Covered Anything Day December 16
National Maple Syrup Day December 17
National Roast Suckling Pig Day December 18
National Hard Candy Day December 19
National Fried Shrimp Day December 20
National Sangria Day December 20
National Hamburger Day December 21
Kiwi Fruit Day (California) December 21
National Date Nut Bread Day December 22
National Pfeffernuesse Day December 23
National Egg Nog Day December 24
National Pumpkin Pie Day December 25
National Candy Cane Day December 26
National Fruit Cake Day December 27
National Chocolate Candy Day December 28
Pepper Pot Day December 29
National Bicarbonate of Soda Day December 30
National Champagne Day December 31